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Different Types of Right Hand Rings

A ring worn on the ring finger of your left hand proclaims to the world about you being engaged. However wearing a ring only when you are committed, engaged or married is not necessary. Nowadays many women wear a stunning diamond ring or a gemstone ring in their right hand ring finger. These right hand rings proudly demonstrate the individuality, personality and success of single, working or independent women. Women now do not have to wait any longer for wearing a ring in their finger; right hand rings make a good statement of their status and personality in a rather unique way.

Right hand rings are more contemporary in style and are generally designed to be worn on a daily basis. However if needed you can also keep your expensive jewellery piece aside and wear it on special occasions. Elaborately designed with small and multiple diamond stones are the typical characteristic of right hand rings.

Though a right hand ring is just an accessory, it perfectly showcases your personality and accomplishment. Hence care and attention should be taken while choosing Right Hand Rings that truly echo your individuality and style in the best possible way.

Right Hand Rings

Before picking a right hand ring for you or for gifting purpose, knowing the different types of Right Hand Rings is essential. Diamond rings, stackable rings, estate rings, gemstone rings and gemstone accents on diamond rings are some of the different types of right hand rings.

Diamond rings can be your simple classic diamond bands or the ones with elaborate designs. Any of these diamond rings are a great choice to make a style statement. Similarly fancy diamond rings i.e. coloured diamond rings are also a good choice for women who want to match their ring with their favourite dress or generally want a bright piece of jewellery in their collection.

Stackable rings are actually diamond rings that are stacked in the ring hand ring finger. Typically two, three or four diamond rings having less bright stones are stacked in the finger. You can wear all the three or four thin diamond rings at a time or remove one or two of them if you want. Thus you can keep on changing the combination of stacking bands in your right hand finger, as and when needed.

For women who like rubies, sapphires, topaz, peridots, citrine, emerald, etc. can opt to wear vibrant and coloured gemstones rings as your right hand rings. You can also wear your birthstones or a big chunk of other coloured gemstone crafted into white/yellow gold or platinum and without the use of diamonds.

Some women like their white diamonds to contain a birthstone or gemstone of their choice to accentuate the style and color of their diamond ring. For such people gemstone accents is the best choice. You can have a gemstone among the diamonds to enhance the style, design and color of your right hand ring.

Estate rings are often your vintage or antique rings that have a different style to it. Unlike your contemporary designs, estate rings capture the style and design of the past era.

With so many types, designs and styles to choose from, it can sometimes get overwhelming to pick the right ring. However the ring that goes perfectly with your personality and style is usually the best right hand ring for you.


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